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Gore knows that regulated, free enterprise is no oxymoron and is the known practical ideal, not that of that Rand ” Capitalism- the Unknow Ideal,”


A few weeks shy of his 65th birthday, the grandfather of three, Al Gore is free of the past and all about the future. More specifically, he’s all about The Future, his latest book. An attempt to sum up six key ­realities—he calls them drivers—that will shape the years ahead, Gore’s book touches every base: robots, deep-sea phosphorus, financial derivatives, even urine recycling and goats modified to secrete spider-silk proteins from their udders. In the classroom of life, he’ll always be the kid whose hand is up.

The Future offers a glimpse of the thinking that has made the former Vice-President a go-to guy for the giants of Silicon Valley. Many high-ranking public officials make millions peddling their names and connections, but Gore, the subject of a new piece in the latest issue of TIME (available to subscribers here), has something extra, which the business world values…

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